...sometimes dreams do come true!

Ever since I began writing, I have dreamed of having string accompaniment to some of my songs.  Thanks to the wonderful folks I have met through the Lancaster Festival, I finally had the opportunity to have this dream be realized.  What a magical moment, and one I will never forget.  In all, we performed six of my originals.  Four with cello and violin that were beautifully arranged by the very talented Maestro Gary Sheldon, with amazing musicians Jane Van Voorhis (cello) and Jai-Chi Huang (violin) joining me.  Jane and I also performed two more songs, on which Jane arranged cello...just an utter joy!  My thanks to everyone involved and to the folks that came out to listen and be a part of this magical moment <3  Below is the link for "Oak".  You can find the full performance on my YouTube channel....enjoy!

"Oak" Lancaster Festival Performance

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