Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter!!

What a great year it has been so far!  I have had an absolutely fantastic time!  Patios, bars, clubs, coffee shops, private events, and yep! even weddings :)  I have learned so much and met so many great people.  Thank you to everyone who has come out to the shows, bought CD's, and offered up support and encouragement.  It has been pretty cool to move through the seasons and experience the growth and change I have felt in myself almost hand in hand.  I'm excited to say I have some new songs in the works.  I also will be working on a new CD...(I have sold all but a handful of "Ordinary Girl")...more info to come soon!  I'm happy to be playing at some new venues and making new connections, so far it looks like winter isn't going to slow down.  I've included my song "Fall" here which was written around this time of year.  I hope you enjoy!  Come out and see me and hear the live version!  Look forward to it and thanks again!

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